Walkingworld Android app launched

The Android version of the new Walkingworld app has been released today. The end result of a year of development and testing, it gives smartphone users direct access to the entire Walkingworld library.

Walkingworld members have always been able to import the route files into GPX devices and smartphones, either by downloading a GPX file from the site or via direct feeds into applications like ViewRanger and Quo. However this is the first time we have been able to deliver the full suite of a Walkingworld walk guide to a mobile device – the pictures, instructions, background information and, crucially, the OS map.

While some GPS devices and mapping apps for smartphones are quite technical and take some time to learn how to use, the Walkingworld app should be usable ‘straight out of the box’. Existing Walkingworld members will be familiar with the format of numbered waymarks with navigation support images and the waymark positions plotted on an OS 1:25,000 scale OS map. The app simply transfers the format to an interactive form, with the advantage of being able to track one’s position using the device’s GPS.

For the first time Walkingworld is giving free access to the huge library of walks in Great Britain.  The app is free to download and can be used to follow any of the walks.  The main limitations of free use of the app is that the map is simpler and less detailed and only one walk can be saved to the device at a time, for a period of 7 days.

A Walkingworld subscription costing just £18 a year brings ‘proper’ OS Landranger and Explorer mapping to the app and the ability to save unlimited walks to the device. Walks are stored on the device for offline use, so there is no need for a mobile signal while walking. The walks are stored for 30 days and then automatically deleted – this ensures that instructions and mapping are fully up to date.

The Walkingworld subscription also gives unlimited access to the main Walkingworld website, where walk guides and maps can printed out and GPX files downloaded.

The Android version of the Walkingworld app can be found now in the Google Play Store.

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