Directory set up

The following are the basic steps to setting up a directory entry on Walkingworld. You might want to print this page out before starting.

1. Go to the site and click the Join button at the top. Fill in the info and click to join.
2. If you wish continue through the Subscription process (or you can come back and do this later).
3. While you are logged in, click ‘Change my details’ at the top of the homepage.
4. Click the tab for My Directory.
5. Fill in the info about your property or service. If you put in a UK postcode the site will automatically look up your latitude and longitude coordinates.
6. If you want a picture added to your entry upload it following the instructions on the page. If you want us to size the picture correctly use the email link on the page to send it to us. We’ll happily make it right for you.
7. You will almost certainly want to choose Yes to display with the walks. Choosing No will temporarily take your entry off the website and out of the app downloads.
8. Decide which parts of your entry you want displayed on the site and in the app.
9. Click to save the directory.
10. If you haven’t already done so, click the Subscribe button at the top to pay your subscription.

If you want to change anything, at any time, go back to the My Directory tab in your account.

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