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Screenshot_waymarkjpgThe Walkingworld app is the very best way to enjoy walks in the British countryside and around our towns and cities. It is designed to be as easy as possible to use.

The app gives you access to over 6500 walks all around the country. You can use the app to navigate this whole library of Walkingworld walks, carefully created by more than 500 walk contributors.

Walkingworld guides are built around a set of waymarks, each of which marks a major decision point on the walk. Each waymark has a photograph so you can identify that you are in the right place and there are clear instructions to take you to the next waymark.

The numbered waymarks are shown on the map. The app allows you to swap easily between the waymark instructions and their location on the map. If you turn on your GPS you can see your position on the map, with your compass bearing if your device has a built-in compass.

Altogether the Walkingworld format makes it much easier to stay on course.

Screenshot_mapYou can search for walks using a place name or postcode or, if your GPS is turned on, by simply hitting the button for ‘walks nearby’. You can then browse through the listing of walks and, if you wish, filter them for length, grading or the most popular features.

Once you have picked a walk, the details and map are downloaded to the device. From that point onwards you don’t need to be online. You can follow the walk wherever you are, without having to worry about mobile signal.

The app also includes a useful directory of Walkingworld members with businesses near to your walk. It could be an outdoor shop, a pub, a restaurant or a B&B. Like the walk itself this directory is stored for offline use, so you can look up details while you are out and about.

Screenshot_walksummaryYou can install the Walkingworld app for free and only decide to upgrade with a subscription if you would like the enhanced features. There is no time limit on free use of the app.

We hope you will find subscribing worthwhile. If you subscribe to Walkingworld – for just £18 a year – you can save as many walks as you like and they will be kept on your device for 30 days. The maps are ‘proper’ Ordnance Survey outdoor maps, just like the paper ones. At outer zoom levels you will see OS 1:50,000 Landranger mapping and if you zoom in the walk is shown on the gold standard of mapping, the OS 1:25,000 Explorer map. Your Walkingworld subscription also allows you to access the walk on the website and print out the guide and OS map.

As a free user of the app you can still follow walks and the main functions of the app are all exactly the same. There is no annoying advertising. However you can only save one walk at a time for offline use and it will be saved on the device for 7 days. The map is a simplified outdoor map with just the main features (including contours) and your ability to zoom in closer is limited.

Why not give it a try?

Find the Walkingworld app by searching for ‘Walkingworld’ (all one word) on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store.



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